“To an engineer, good enough means perfect. To an artist, there's no such thing as perfect.”

— Alexander Calder

The Photographer

A local of Arcata, California, I went to Humboldt State University to study environmental resource engineering, with an interest in architectural applications. Unsure of my potential career, and unwilling to allow my parents to pay for my indecision, I took a short stint of academic leave to College of the Redwoods to finish up my associates degree, and pursue the closest thing to architecture I could find there: drafting and building. From that point on I paid for my classes, and on a whim I signed up for a semester of art: graphic design, photoshop, photography, drawing. The day I realized what I wanted to do two years into college, I was bombarded with both excitement and fear. I had excitement that I finally found a passion I could pursue on my own terms, but fear that I'd never make it. At the end of the semester I was at a cross-roads, and by the time I decided to pursue art it was too late. HSU had already closed enrollment. I submitted my application anyways, sent emails, made phone calls. They let me in.

I studied under two professors there, Nicole J. Hill, and Dave Woody, and I wouldn't have half the intuitive knowledge I've gained without their guidance and pushing. Nicole also steered me to a Summer Arts workshop in Monterrey Bay where I was challenged to create and collaborate with other artists. I learned from Holly Andres, David H. Wells, Erika Gentry, Doug Dertinger, and David Hilliard. They also gave me the tools necessary to succeed in an artists economy, and better prepared me for all areas of photography.

When I'm not making artwork, or working for clients you'll find me reading at my local coffee shop, exploring the outdoors, or spending time with friends and family. If I'm lucky I'll learn to play piano, pick up a second language, or go snowboarding.


A photograph can represent the best first impression. Whether that's for people you've yet to meet, a project you'd like to pitch, or the inner workings of a creative passion, Ryan Figas works with a very simple goal, to make sure those he photographs are associated with confidence, their products with brilliance, and their company with success. For professional qualifications, awards, and past clients, please refer to his CV.

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