The Benefits of Using a Professional Photographer for Your Listings


Professional photographers not only pay for themselves in most cases, but can increase the potential listing price for the home owner, sell properties faster,  and increase views on social media / listing websites.

Data From Home Buyers:

 1. 89% of home buyers who searched for a home on the internet found photos to be among the most important and useful features of realtor websites according to the 2017 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

2. Viewers surveyed spent on average 60% of their time looking at listing photos, and only 20% each on the listing and agent description: The Wall Street Journal.

3. According to the study linked, there are only 2 seconds on average to capture a buyers attention without a photo and 20 seconds with. Make it count! The Wall Street Journal.

4. Homes with professional photos got on average 61% more views! -REDFIN


Data From Everywhere Else

1. A study done by Real Trends in 2015 aggregated information from 437 survey respondents, and 10 additional real estate professionals with 12+ years of experience each. All parties were requested full data from their 2014 calendar year. These are some of the results:

  • 94% of agents and 73% of brokers felt passionate about the importance of professional photography.
  • Realtors who consistently used a professional photographer netted an average of 2X more gross commissionable income per year. $442k average vs: $885k. Correlation doesn't equal cause, however when considered with other statistics, this is still significant.

2. Listings can sell for more. Listings with professional photography can gain anywhere between $934 and $116, 076 more on the market. The Wall Street Journal.

3. Listings sold faster! A (self-serving, but also supported by another source) VHT Studios Analysis of all  homes sold in the Chicago metro area in 2013 found that homes which were professionally photographed by VHT sold 32% faster, spending an average of 89 days on the market vs: 123 DOM for other homes.

A REDFIN study in 2016 stated that professionally photographed homes sold an average of 3 weeks faster.

4. Only 15% of listings surveyed had high-quality photography, with half of over $1 million listings using low-quality photos. The Wall Street Journal.


Other Points

1. Win more listings. Selling real estate on a basic level is about relationships, but it's also a marketing campaign to attract an increasingly visual set of new buyers. Having a portfolio of professionally photographed homes will help your professionalism stand out. I believe this is a big factor in Real Trends survey above about the end of year income for different realtors.

2. When you sell real estate, you're not selling a house, you're selling a lifestyle. If the photos are dark, badly lit, or depressing, it won't matter how big or amazing the house is, buyers will move on because the house while big, feels emotionally empty. They need to be clean, crisp, warm, eye catching, bright, light & airy.



These statistics are gathered from independent studies in different real estate markets. The photographer in no way guarantees these statistics to hold true 100%.