Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do You Offer Drone Work or Video?

A: In the Future!  Drone work requires FAA certification, additional drone specialized insurance, a detailed flight manual, and operating knowledge to comply with aviation laws in addition to the drone itself. This is a future addition to this business that will be added in time. Video will require additional skill sets / equipment, and If we can't offer the best quality on the market, we'll reinvest until we can. Quality is our #1 concern.

Q: Why not offer more images in your base package?

  • We strive for quality over quantity.
  • Each photo can take between 5 and 20 minutes depending on complexity and lighting conditions. A single photo may be a combination of 4-10 individually lit frames.
  • The photographer does a walk through with each realtor, and Is very selective with composition to maximize the utility of each photograph. A realtor won't have to sort through photographs to pick the best ones, they'll be focused and tailored to each house, and it will save both photographer, and realtor valuable time that they can use to serve their clientele, and expedite their sales.
  • Potential buyers will be able to get a good feel for the home in less time, and that means more time to give attention to your listing description, and hopefully make a phone call. We will guarantee the important features of each house are covered as agreed upon during the initial walk-through. See Shoot Details + Tips for more information.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes,  Ryan Filgas photography is fully insured through Scott Hammond State Farm with equipment insurance and liability insurance up to $2 Million. Policy declarations can be provided by request.

Q: Which Areas do you serve?

A: Primarily Humboldt County in Northern Califonia. Travel can be arranged nationally or internationally with notice.

Q: When will I receive the pictures?

Generally 24 - 48 hours. Particularly large jobs may take longer depending on size and complexity.

Q: Can I Cancel?

A: Yes, as long as cancellation happens before the day of the appointment. Otherwise we ask for a $75 cancellation fee to recoup some of the costs.

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: We do not provide refunds. We'll gladly come back to photograph the property for no additional charge, within reason.

Q: What equipment do you use?

  • Camera/Lenses: We primarily shoot with a full frame Canon 5D MK4 and a Canon 6D with 17mm and 24mm Tilt-Shift Lenses specialized for architectural photography.
  • Lighting: We generally shoot with 5 speedlights, and two higher end studio strobes for those tricky sunlit rooms, and geourgous ocean views

Q: Do you shoot commercial Real Estate?

A: Yes. Depending on image usage and photo requirements, there may be additional licensing fees or a different pricing structure. Please use the contact form for a custom estimate.

Q: Do you use lights on every job?

A: Yes, unless the available light is spectacular. If you don't notice lights in the images, it means they were done well. We don't like our images to have a flashy, or artificial look. The goal is always natural and honest to the house.