You're Ready To Book, What Now?


1. Consult with Photographer - Pick a Shoot Day - Ask About Timing

The exterior of a house will look its best 3 times a day: sunrise, when the sun hits the front of the house, or Sunset/Dusk. Photographing at one of these times, while not necessary, will yield the best results. With a quick look at the house on google maps, your photographer can determine the best shoot times for the project.

2. Preparing the Property - Checklist


  • Clean windows & cob webs
  • Clean or power wash at least the front of the house - Curb appeal is important!
  • Clean, sweep, and/or spray off any decks
  • Remove vehicles from the driveway
  • Make sure sprinklers are turned off the day of the shoot
  • Put hoses away in garage
  • Remove pet Related Items
  • Remove Pots with missing or dead plants.
  • Remove toys, tools, etc. Any Personal Items.

General Interior:

  • Keep decorations simple & minimal.
  • Deep clean before shoot day - also under rugs and furniture
  • Remove personal items
  • Remove any sign of pets in the house
  • Remove trash bins & vacuum cleaners / roombas from all rooms
  • Check Furniture Placement -This can be as simple as rearranging furniture. Make sure the rooms feel open and not closed off. It will allow the space to be photographed better, and will make a huge difference to buyers. A logical layout doen't always photograph better than an open one.


  • Remove all dishes from sink
  • Remove all soap, scrubbers, sink stoppers
  • Remove all counter top appliances: coffee pots, blenders, toasters, etc.
  • Wipe down countertops
  • Wipe down sides of all cupboards, counters, appliances down to ground level
  • Make sure stainless steal appliances are free of rust and grime if possible
  • Kitchens are dirtier than they look, and flash can pick up dirt where you wouldn't normally notice. This is an area to take special care.


  • Remove all personal products from counter tops
  • Remove all products / hangers from shower area
  • Remove Trash Bins
  • Remove toilet cleaning products


  • Keep computers / paperwork out of sight, and remove dated technology when possible

3. Accompany Photographer For Initial Walkthrough

It's our job to photograph the house for the seller, and potential buyers, and as the realtor in charge you'll know about the unique selling points to place emphasis on. This will ensure bases are all covered, and it will allow us to photograph the home for its best qualities. We'll do an initial walk-through, plan out shots, then we'll execute them and make adjustments on the way.

4. Relax, Help, Work, Do Your Thing

If you're on site with us while photographing we'll make you a part of the process as much as you like. we'll be shooting tethered to an ipad, so you can see how we work, and if desired, connect your phone to receive a feed of the images as they are taken.

  • Setting up lights can sometimes be time consuming, but once they are set up, a few shots can be knocked out fairly quickly. Expect 10-15 minutes per small batch of photos.

5. Wait 24-48 hrs

This is the turn around on the majority of our real estate work. Some higher end projects may take longer depending on scope and complexity.